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Frequent visitors! Did you know you could own a condo hotel on The Strip?

By: Tiffany McCoy, Marketing Coordinator of The Brooks Team

The holiday season is here! With Thanksgiving just around the corner, hotels and rental properties are being booked in high numbers. The MGM Signature in Las Vegas offers an all-suite resort with incredible features for the whole family to enjoy. There are three towers and a total of 576 units at MGM Signature, with a possible view of the Las Vegas Strip. Some of the top amenities include: 24-hour security, concierge, valet parking, and much more. MGM Signature delivers convenience with room service and maintenance, as well as a short walking distance to MGM Grand. Guests have raved about the peaceful location, enjoyable pool, eye-catching balcony, and the excellent service from staff. It’s a safe space for children with the area being casino free and non-smoking. With the shared amenities at MGM Grand, guests have access to fine dining (over 20 restaurants), fitness centers, and fun entertainment like Topgolf. Options for extended stay are available as well as investing in the high rise market. For frequent Las Vegas visitors, investing in an MGM Signature unit might be a more suitable option. Renting out your property during peak seasons would allow you to potentially gain a higher rental income. To learn more information about the market and how to start investing in properties, The Brooks Team is happy to provide you with a free consultation. Some upcoming shows to look forward to in November at MGM Grand: Jabbawockeez, Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club, David Copperfield, The Millenium Tour, etc.