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Las Vegas only caters to adults-or does it?

Las Vegas only caters to adults—or does it? With all the casinos, nightclubs, bars, and parties, this city is the perfect getaway destination for adults indeed. However, that does not mean that families cannot enjoy this wonderful and exhilarating place. Parents can still have fun here, and children can also enjoy everything Las Vegas has to offer. To fully enjoy Vegas, you need to get the hotel right. Choosing the best Las Vegas hotel for kids will be the most important part, and the start of a great Las Vegas family trip. Fortunately, The Brooks Team is here to help. Here is how you can choose the right Las Vegas hotel and resorts! Tips in Choosing a Las Vegas Hotel for Kids You have to make sure that the hotel or resort you will be staying at for a weekend getaway is a family-friendly one. This will ensure that your children will have fun and and still be safe at the same time. Take note of these few tips. Consider the location First you need to consider the location. Some of the most popular and major hotels, resorts and various attractions can be found on The Strip. Choosing a hotel along The Strip can be a good choice if you want to visit the major attractions, but it might also be a disadvantage as The Strip has the tendency to be raucous. Hotels off Strip, on the other hand, can be a good alternative if you want a more tranquil stay. The disadvantage is that getting to attractions might take a bit more work. Make sure you think about this thoroughly. Know the amenities It is also important that you get to know the amenities of the hotels you have your sights on. Each Las Vegas hotel has different amenities, and these amenities will surely help you and your family enjoy your stay at the city. Some hotels have the finest swimming pools open to guests, some have their very own fitness centers and spas. Some of them even has movie theaters and restaurants for the ultimate entertainment and convenience. Take the time to know these hotels and check which one of them has the amenities that are appropriate for families, especially kids. Consider the price Of course, one should also not forget about the price. Since this is Vegas, expect the fees to be higher than what you would usually expect. Take advantage of the deals and family promos or packages if they have some. You should keep a lookout for the hidden resort fees as well. Some hotels charge for things like parking, Wi-Fi, and other use of amenities. Make sure you clear this up with the hotel managements so you and your family are ready for such charges Top Family-friendly Resorts in Las Vegas Here are some of the top family-friendly resorts and hotels in Las Vegas that you can consider, aside from The Signature at MGM Grand. Circus Circus Hotel & Casino Circus Circus, without a doubt, is the most kid-friendly hotel in Las Vegas. It is home to Adventuredome, an indoor amusement theme park. It features various rides and attractions, both family-friendly and thrilling ones. Not only that, but Circus Circus also has a Carnival Midway where the most popular and classic arcade games are available. Circus Circus Hotel also has various rooms and suites that can be perfect for families, swimming pools for kids and all ages, salons, shopping stores, and more. Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Another top Las Vegas hotel for kids is the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. This Las Vegas hotel is perfect for a tropical getaway for families. It features three large pools, a 1.6 million gallon wave pool, a lazy river, and an 11-acre aquatic playground known as the Mandalay Beach. If that does not seem enjoyable enough for you, Mandalay Bay also boasts the amazing Shark Reef Aquarium where over 2,000 animals—including giant rays, endangered green sea turtles, jellyfish, and the rare Australian crocodile—can be seen. This Las Vegas hotel offers luxurious rooms and suites fit for families. Excalibur Hotel & Casino This medieval-themed establishment is also a good choice for family getaways. Located on The Strip, this King Arthur-themed castle definitely gets a lot of attention. It boasts the world-famous Excalibur arcade known as the Fun Dungeon which has hundreds of carnival games, video games, sports, and redemption games. There is also a one-of-kind medieval-themed dinner and show known as the Tournament of Kings, plus the thrilling 15-minute adventure known as the Ultimate 4D Experience. Excalibur Hotel also offers suites and bedrooms with awesome amenities and beautiful Strip views. Four Seasons Hotel The Four Seasons Hotel is definitely a perfect Las Vegas hotel for kids. It has no casinos and is a non-smoking hotel. Kids will definitely be in a safe and appropriate environment for sure. Some of its features and amenities include a private pool, a wave pool, lazy river, and more. The suites with Strip views are also a good choice for a family getaway trip. New York-New York Hotel New York-New York Hotel & Casino is also a kid-friendly hotel. It is home to the best roller coaster on The Strip known as the Big Apple Coaster, a Coney Island-themed midway arcade, and a pool suited for young kids. It also features and is near to classic NY-style pizza restaurants, family rooms, luxury suites, and penthouses with stunning views. You may have come to Las Vegas for a family trip, but you and your family will also get to experience New York City in this hotel. The Orleans Hotel & Casino Located off Strip, The Orleans Hotel is another great Las Vegas hotel for kids. It boasts an 18-screen movie theater with luxury recliners known as the Century Orleans 18, a 70-lane bowling center known as The Orleans Bowling Center, an arcade filled with the latest and greatest in video and interactive games known as the Time Out Arcade, and a multilevel jungle gym known as Kids Tyme. The Orleans Hotel also has salon and spa services, fine dining and casual dining restaurants, whirlpool and swimming pool, and budget-friendly rooms and suites. A trip to Vegas is definitely possible for you and your family. Keep these tips in mind and these hotels and resorts to make sure that you choose only the best hotel for family.