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By: Tiffany McCoy, Marketing Coordinator of The Brooks Team

Back in April 2022, the news of the Formula One Race coming to Vegas was made official with a statement from formula1.com, “For the first time in 40 years, Formula 1, with an ever-growing fanbase and US viewing figures hitting their highest ever heights, will visit America on three occasions next year.” One of the three destinations being the Las Vegas Strip. They go on to say, “The timing could not be better. And in Miami and Vegas, it has two apparently well-designed street circuits which will highlight the speed and bravery of Formula 1’s finest.” Vegas, the home to many extraordinary affairs, can now say they will be the host of one of the most anticipated sports events of the year. “The design features three straights, a high-speed cornering sequence and a single chicane section, with the Grand Prix to be run over 50 laps.” Although the race isn’t set to make its way around the Strip until late November 2023, fans and spectators can start planning their stay now. Guests at the MGM Signature will have unique access to the race from the comfort of their hotel suite as several units provide partial views of the racetrack along Harmon Avenue and Koval Lane. You have a unique opportunity to own one of these high rise condos with front row access to a stretch of the race track. “That’s going to be a pretty hardcore event,” said seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton when he found out – while AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly summed up many of the drivers’ responses, saying: “That’s going to be insane.” For more details and a list of available units with these views, contact our high rise team at the email below! Our Beliefs & Values, Your Las Vegas Real Estate Team The Brooks Team specializes in working with buyers and investors to fulfill their needs in purchasing or selling with a diverse selection of highrises in Las Vegas. We are a faith-based, family-owned team led by Jim Brooks, ranking highly as the top 1.5% of 1.4 million real estate professionals in the United States. We believe in delivering honest and ethical services to our clients with a combined 70+ years of real estate experience. As a team, we operate with care, commitment, humbleness, fun, patience, and guidance as essential principles and values. Email info@highrises.vegas for all your real estate needs.