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Travel the world through your taste buds right here in Sin City!

Playing at world-class casinos, shopping at famous malls, enjoying beautiful natural wonders, doing thrilling outdoor activities, partying in lively nightclubs, and watching high quality live shows—you can do all of these in Las Vegas. You can also travel the world through your taste buds without leaving the Sin City. Here is an international food tour in Las Vegas. MEXICO Taste authentic Mexican flavor through fresh and unexpected dishes at the Salud Mexican Bistro located near The Lakes. They serve some of the most unique dishes like Jalapeño Mac N’ Cheese and Lobster Chorizo Empanadas, as well as Baked Banana and Beet Salad and Spinach Crust Pizza in their separate vegan menu. Salud Mexican Bistro is also the home of Las Vegas’ largest tequila bar with over 100 different tequilas and mezcals. They also feature a craft tequila bar. FRANCE Near the Stratosphere Tower is the oldest French Restaurant in Las Vegas: Georges LaForge’s Pamplemousse Le Restaurant. It is also voted as the most romantic and best French restaurant. With the atmosphere of a cozy French cottage, Papplemousse Le Restaurant serves classic French dishes such as L’onglet Steak Grille and Les Escargots Bourguignone, as well as offer five course menus with plenty of choices. ITALY Costa di Mare at Wynn Las Vegas serves classic Italian seafood dishes with fresh seafood prepared by chef Mark Lo Russo and from the Mediterranean that you can choose from a large rolling fish cart that comes through each table. Some of the must-try dishes from Costa di Mare include Cicale di Mare, a prehistoric lobster served grilled whole over charcoal and Mantis Shrimp which is a sweet sea crustacean grilled and served with lemon and parsley. CHINA With over 10 locations around the world including the one in Sin City, you can taste the modern Cantonese cuisine from Hakkasan Restaurant in MGM Signature in Las Vegas. The said restaurant was awarded the 2015 Best Asian Restaurant Awards by the Southern Nevada Concierge Association, and also received a Best Fine Dining Award from Best of Las Vegas. They serve dishes like Sanpei Chilean Seabass, Peking Duck with Tsar Nicoulai Reserve Caviar, and Wok-fried Lamb Tenderloin. The restaurant’s ambience also seem to take dinner guests to a different country with its postmodern oriental design. JAPAN Morimoto Las Vegas at Signature MGM Grand features contemporary Japanese design combined with delicacy and elegance, along with traditional Japanese food with American twist prepared by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. Some of his unique offerings are toro tartare, tuna pizza, and yellowtail pastrami. The eponymous restaurant also serves Braised Black Cod, Duck Duck Goose, Angry Chicken, and Seared Snapper for entrees. If you are lucky enough, you may even get a chance to see celebrity Chef Morimoto in person when you visit his restaurant! THAILAND Offering unique twists on classic Thai cuisine using her family’s secret recipes is Nittaya Parawong’s Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen located at Rampart Boulevard. The restaurant, with upscale and chic décor theme, serves entrees such as Spicy Green Bean Pork, Drunken Noodles, and Massaman Curry Chicken. There is also wine, beer, and saki available in Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen to complement the meals. Those are just few restaurants in Las Vegas that let you travel around the world and there are plenty more we did not include. So, if you want to experience different international flavors in just one location, just take a vacation in Las Vegas, or buy unit at Signature MGM Grand and settle down in the city.